Inspiring Academic And Moral Excellence



Currently academic year for O-Level, the school have a staff of 52 people comprising about 33 teaching staff, 19 non-teaching ancillary staff, 1 Human Resource Manager, 1 school Counselor, 1 school cashier, 1 school shopkeeper, 1 school store keeper, 1 boarding patron and boarding matrons, 1 Information Technology technician, 4 kitchen staff, 1 school driver staff, 2 school secretary, 2 Gardeners and 5 watchmen. The rest are employees in other school levels.

A Staff Handbook outlining the roles and expectations of the various positions within the school is made available to all academic staff and outlined to non-teaching staff with regard to their role and duties in the school.

Employment is generally by contract after an initial period of probation. A review may be required before the extension/renewal of the contract.


Vacancies for positions within the teaching staff occur from time to time: they are generally filled from those who have already made application or submitted an expression of interest in a position at the school. Such applications and/or expressions of interest must be made in writing and submitted to the Human Resource Manager.

Qualified teachers – with either a degree or a diploma – interested in a position at the school are invited to make an application or expression of interest in writing specifying one’s qualifications, previous experience and preferred area(s) of teaching – both with respect to level and subjects.

Those interested in vacancies occurring in the non-teaching positions at the school are also invited to submit application or expression of interest in writing.

Contact from the school for any vacancies will be made by the Human Resources Manager who is responsible to the Headmaster in all matters dealing with employment.

From time to time specific specialist roles within the school may be advertised in the public press. Those interested in such positions must follow the directions given if they wish to be considered.


Persons interested in joining the staff of Kusekwa memorial Secondary School must make application in writing to the Human Resource Manager indicating their personal details including contact information – preferably by mobile telephone or e-mail – as well as a Curriculum Vitae showing qualifications, experience and referees.

From these applications, the school, without advertising publicly, may fill vacancies as they occur and as long as the appropriate training and experience is available. However, before filling any position, applicants will be called to attend for an interview with the Headmaster, Human Resource Manager and appropriate members of the Administration Team.