Inspiring Academic And Moral Excellence


Sponsors (or donors) are sought by the school to assist in two ways:

Donors are required to assist with funding for the development of school facilities– without such funding, development would be extremely difficult.

Sponsors are required to provide financial support for students so as to enable them to access education that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organization which have regularly supported the school, its staff and students through donation and/or sponsorship:

Kusekwa Memorial Foundation.

While donorship for the purpose of capital developments is regularly sought by the school through processes of application and accountability with various NGOs (Non-Government Organizations’), sponsorship of students is significantly dependent upon the generosity of individuals.


Kusekwa Memorial Secondary School is a private School for girls and boys. It is owned by the Kusekwa Memorial Association Fund. The purpose of the School is to provide a quality education for boys and girls from various cultures and social traditions. The School is committed to the overall personal development of each student and the promotion of excellence in every aspect of education.

In order to achieve this, parents who have financial hardship have the opportunity of financial support which will cover part of the total tuition fees. This sponsorship is not contingent on the level of academic or special ability or talent their child may have but upon the family’s capacity to provide financial support.

This financial support is provided from a variety of resources – generally from individual and corporate friends of the school – and is generally directed to students at O-Level.

The provision of financial support does not take away the responsibility of the family to contribute to the student’s education and hence the level of support will vary according to family circumstances. Rarely will there be full sponsorship.

Currently, approximately 10 students are on financial support (school fees paid for by overseas or local individual or group donors) including some students who have found their own sponsorship through family and private arrangement. We are also grateful that a number of orphanages/children’s homes are able to access the school for their young members.


Due to the significant number of families and students needing sponsorship, the school is always seeking new sponsors to add their contribution to the efforts of corporate and individual contributors.

Every effort is made to update sponsors on the progress of the individual sponsored students including a letter from the student and a report on academic progress twice per year.

Out of many years of experience in seeking and having sponsors, we have two strong recommendations re sponsorship:

All moneys for the education of a student should be directly deposited with the school which has accounts in both Euro and US dollars.

The names and addresses of sponsors are not generally revealed to the sponsored student as there is a tendency to seek further financial assistance for on-going study, other family members and needs without oversight by the school.

Bank details for making direct deposits in US dollars or Euros are available upon request from the Registrar – see contact information under the ‘Contact Us page’ .

Student Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship to provide fee assistance for parents of students at the school will be offered to families by the Headmaster on behalf of the Board. This sponsorship will be awarded in consultation with the Registrar to determine families in need.

It is policy of the school that all families, even those on sponsorship, are to make every effort to contribute to the school. Full sponsorship is not offered unless there are exceptional circumstances and would only be offered for a limited time.


For student to obtain sponsorship through the school, it is necessary that the parent or guardian approach the Headmaster in person and with a written submission. The Headmaster may consult with the Registrar to determine the families who would be eligible for assistance in paying their fees the following year. When a decision is reached and the amount for the sponsorship is determined, the family will be informed of the support and the expected level of payment of fees by the family.

Each sponsorship is for a maximum of two years and will provide assistance for a family through a stage of their child’s high schooling (eg Stage 1 being Forms 1 and 2). Given satisfactory progress and cooperative behavior, the sponsorship will be extended into the next stage.

The criteria for consideration include consideration of the family having had a history of genuine effort to pay fees despite the financial burden this may cause, the student’s status as a Boarding or Day student and ongoing academic progress and cooperative behavior.

The level of financial support will be determined after the initial interview but is generally offered for tuition fee relief only. The costs of Boarding will be considered separately and at best will only draw small sponsorship as families would still need to meet the costs of providing for the student if they were residing with the family.